1993-1997 "P" Mint Silver American Eagles


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Thanks to a special purchase, you can now get a 5-coin set of key-date Silver American Eagle Proofs from the Philadelphia Mint. Eagle Proofs were struck at Philadelphia only from 1993-2000 (previous issues were minted at San Francisco and most later issues at West Point). Short-lived Eagle Proofs from Philadelphia are among the lowest-mintage coins in the entire Silver Eagle series, and are highly coveted and become harder to find with each passing year. With this set, you’ll get the following Proofs:

  • 1993-P: mintage 405,913
  • 1994-P: mintage 372,168
  • 1995-P: mintage 438,511
  • 1996-P: mintage 500,000
  • 1997-P: mintage 435,368

Struck exclusively for collectors in 1 oz. of 99.9% pure silver, each stunning American Eagle Proof boasts mirrorlike surfaces that beautifully accent the frosty details of the design! And now, after more than 20 years, most of the low-mintage Eagle Proofs from Philadelphia are tucked away in private collections. Order this prized set now and SAVE off individual prices!