1979-S U.S. Mint Clad Proof Set, T2 Clear "S"


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Wouldn't you love to own the best quality coins available? You can, with U.S. Mint Proof Sets! What is a Proof Set? It's a specially made, premium-quality set of coins containing one of each denomination issued by the U.S. Mint for that year. Proof coins are produced in very small quantities compared to regular-issue coins. First, the Proof dies are thoroughly buffed and polished, and repolished frequently during production. Then, carefully selected coin blanks are individually fed into a specially modified coin press. Each coin is then struck at least twice, at slow speed and with extra pressure. The result of this process is the distinctive and beautiful frosty Proof appearance of sharply struck design images against mirrorlike surfaces. Because they feature the finest U.S. coins available anywhere, Proof Sets should be a part of every collection.

When the old "S" mint mark punch used since 1968 broke in July or August of 1979, a new one was made. The replacement created the scarcer Type 2, or "Clear S" variety. Only about 15-20% of 1979 Proof Sets have this prized coin. 3,677,175 minted (includes Type 1 & Type 2 varieties). Hurry, order yours today!