1970 U.S. Mint Set with Large Date Cent


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Here"s a Mint Set every collector needs – the complete and original 1970 U.S. Mint Set, featuring the key-date 1970-D Kennedy half dollar!

  • Includes all Uncirculated Philadelphia & Denver Mint issues
  • Features key-date 1970-D Kennedy half dollar!
  • Special set also features third cent – the Large Date 1970-S Lincoln Head cent from San Francisco!
  • In 1970, Kennedy half dollars were not issued for circulation due to pending legislation that would change half dollars from 40% silver to clad.
  • None were struck in Philadelphia, and just enough silver halves were struck at Denver for these sets.

The 1970-D silver Kennedy half dollar is a key date every collector needs, so many official 1970 U.S. Mint Sets have been broken up. But luckily, our buyers have secured a limited number to offer you here today. Hurry, order yours before they're gone!