1952 South Africa Silver 5 Shillings


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Own a historic one-year-only silver coin that honored the 300th anniversary of the first permanent European settlement in South Africa. Struck 65 years ago in 1952 during the final year of the reign of Britain's King George VI, this 5 Shillings coin commemorated the 1652 landing of Dutch administrator Jan van Riebeeck on the southern tip of Africa to establish a shipping supply station for the Dutch East India Company. Serving vessels traveling between Europe and Asia and steadily growing in size and importance, Cape Town was ceded to the British in 1814 and is now the legislative seat of the independent Republic of South Africa.

The obverse of this 50% silver crown-size coin features King George VI. The reverse bears the dual dates 1652-1952 and depicts one of van Riebeeck's three ships arriving at the site of Cape Town with Table Mountain in the background. Add world historical significance to your collection with this affordable circulated silver commemorative.