1951 U.S. Mint Proof Set


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If your collection is missing the low-mintage silver Proof Set from 1951, here's your chance to one! It's not often that we have enough of this early Proof Set to offer in our catalogs – in fact, it's been over 4 years since it was last featured. Now, thanks to a special purchase, you can own this low-mintage set!

Struck especially for collectors at Philadelphia, each Proof displays reflective mirrorlike surfaces and detailed designs. Plus, each coin above the nickel was struck in 90% silver! With a mere 57,500 sets minted in 1951, this set is cornerstone of any collection. And because the packaging used by the U.S. Mint for sets prior to mid-1955 was harmful to coins, we've repackaged it in protective holders at no extra cost to you. Plus, our buyers have selected only those sets that meet our standards for quality and eye appeal. Our supply of this classic set is limited, so order now to get yours!