1943-1958 Allied Military Note Set

(4 notes)


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During WWII, major Allied powers issued Allied Military currency for use in newly liberated or defeated countries. Denominated in the currency of a particular country and legal tender only there, these historic notes are genuine legacies of a war that shaped a generation. Each issue of Allied Military currency was produced in secrecy under special code names. This 4-note set features issues from:

  • Operation Wild Dog – 5 Mark Note issued for use in Germany, printed in both the U.S. and the USSR.
  • Operation Husky – The Allied invasion of Sicily marked the beginning of an assault on German-occupied Europe and resulted in these Italy 2 or 5 Lire Notes.
  • Operation Tom Cat – Now commonly known as D-Day, June 6, 1944, this 2 Francs Note was issued for the Liberation of France.
  • Operation Toy Horse – Printed in San Francisco, this 10 Yen Note was used by U.S. troops in Okinawa after WWII and in Korea.

This historic set is a fascinating addition to your collection – order today!