1941-1945 Netherlands East Indies, Silver 1/10 Gulden

72% Silver


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Struck in 72% silver at the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints, these 1/10 Guldens were issued during WWII for circulation in the territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Known then as the Netherlands East Indies, these Dutch colonies are today Indonesia. The obverse features the crowned coat of arms of Queen Wilhelmina I and the denomination of 1/10 Gulden. The reverse shows the value in Malayan within a circle.

A revered symbol of Dutch resistance to Nazi occupation who referred to Hitler as “the arch-enemy of mankind,” Queen Wilhelmina ruled the Netherlands from 1890-1948. Her country was liberated by U.S., British, Polish and Canadian troops in 1945. “P” or “S” mint mark our choice. Add this noteworthy silver coin to  your world collection today!