1938 Yugoslavia Silver 20 Dinara


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Add history and intrigue to your collection with a Brilliant Uncirculated 1938 silver coin from the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia – and depicting its last monarch Peter II. In 1941, Yugoslav patriots wrapped a small hoard of these 20 Dinara coins in rolls using shipping documents, and hid them from Hitler's German troops who invaded and occupied the country. Peter II fled the country to England (and later to the U.S., where he died in 1970) and the monarchy ended forever in 1941 – as Yugoslavia adopted a different form of government after the war.

A quantity of these Brilliant Uncirculated 75% silver coins, struck only in 1938 and with an edge inscription translating to god save yugoslavia, remained wrapped in rolls since those fateful days of WWII. When they recently came to light in former Yugoslavia (now divided into 7 countries), we acquired a few rolls of these truly historic coins from a monarchy that ended nearly 70 years ago. Don't delay – once the coins from this special purchase are gone, we don't know when or if we can ever offer them again!