1933 Germany Silver 2 Reichsmark


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This historic 62.5% silver coin honors Martin Luther – a monk born in 1483 whose writings inspired the Protestant Reformation. With the advent of Gutenburg’s printing press around 1440, Luther’s words spread quickly throughout Europe. After being excommunicated by the church and declared both an outlaw and a heretic for his writings, Luther went on to print a German translation of the Bible. Today, he’s remembered as one of Christianity’s most influential figures.

The coins offered here were struck in 1933 to honor the 450th anniversary of Luther’s birth. His portrait is featured on the reverse, along with dual dates 1483-1933. An eagle is displayed on the obverse, surrounded by the legends DEUTSCHES REICH and 2 REICHSMARK. Order now to own an affordable piece of history, issued 90 years ago!