1932-1934 Poland Silver 5 Zlotych


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Own a historic 75% silver 5 Zlotych coin – issued for just three years, from 1932-1934, and featuring the profile of Poland’s beloved Queen Jadwiga! In 1384, at just 10 years of age, Jadwiga became the country’s first female monarch. She was offcially given the title of “king,” and ruled until her death in 1399. After taking the throne, she wed Jogaila of Lithuania – a union that brought the two nations together for centuries.

Since her passing, Jadwiga has been considered one of Poland’s greatest rulers, and in 1997 she was granted sainthood by Pope John Paul II. Her lovely profile is shown on the reverse of each pre-WWII 5 Zlotych coin, while the obverse displays Poland’s coat of arms. This Circulated issue celebrates an important era in Polish history – add it to your collection today!