1930 China 10 Customs Gold Units Note


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Add the intrigue of China to your collection with an obsolete 10 Customs Gold Units (CGU) note. Dated 1930, and printed into the 1940s, CGU notes were originally issued by the Central Bank of China for payment of import duties. Printed by the American Bank Note Company (which produced early U.S. currency and currency for many foreign countries), these notes were backed by U.S. dollars until 1935.
During and after WWII, the large-size CGU notes were issued for general circulation in China. The vertical face depicts Dr. Sun Yat-sen, first president of the Republic of China and a revered fi gure in mainland China and Taiwan. The back features the Customs House in Shanghai – the commercial and financial hub of China. These colorful CGU notes are over 65 years old – order your historic and affordable note today.