1929 $20 National Bank Note Type 1 & 2 Set


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Released for just 7 short years, small-sized National Bank Notes are much scarcer than their large-sized counterparts, and these Series 1929 Nationals are among the last issued. Now here's your chance to own a set that includes both the Type 1 and more elusive Type 2 $20 National Bank Notes.

These notes recall an era when local and regional banks across the country bought U.S. government bonds to back the "paper" they issued and became chartered. This meant that Nationals from one town would be readily accepted by another. The Type 1 National Bank Notes were released from 1929-33 and the scarcer Type 2s were released from 1933-1935.

Shortly after their release, the Great Depression struck, and the banking system was reorganized. Midway through 1935, the bonds securing these Nationals were recalled and these "hometown" notes gradually disappeared. As of 1935, it was estimated less than 25% of all Nationals survived, and today over 80 years later who knows how many are still available to collectors – get your set right away!