1926-1930 "S" Mint Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Set

San Francisco Mint (5 coins)


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Now own a set of "S" Mint Standing Liberty quarters from the last 5 years of issue – including the second lowest mintage of the series, the 1927-S. You'll enjoy the 1926-S, the key date 1927-S, 1928-S, 1929-S, and last-year 1930-S issue – all hand selected for eye appeal. Not only are these from the shortest quarter series of the 20th century – struck for a mere 15 years – but they're also the last with the classic liberty design. During the last 5 years (1926-30), San Francisco quarter mintages didn't top 2.7 million, which represents less than 15% of all quarters struck in that time period. And for the key-date 1927-S, a mere 396,000 coins were produced.
When this 90% silver quarter design first debuted a century ago, in 1916, it was well received, until certain groups noticed Liberty's breast was exposed and even in this new era, that was going too far. So, partway through 1917, Liberty was covered with chain mail – a look that lasted until the series ended. Then in 1925, the mint recessed the date to prevent wear, and these low-mintage San Francisco issues are that final variety. In Good condition, this affordable "S" Mint set makes a great way to fill in missing dates in a collection – order yours now and SAVE!