1925 Saudi Arabia Bronze 1/2 Ghirsh


Select a Grade: Choice Uncirculated 63 NGC

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You can now own an exceptional specimen of one of the Middle East's most historic coins! This Very Choice Uncirculated 1/2 Ghirsh coin was struck in 1925 during Year 2 of the reign of King Ibn Saud – who grew up in Arabia when it was part of the Ottoman Empire, was exiled to Kuwait with his family at an early age, and returned in the 1920s to reunite most of the Arabian Peninsula and proclaim himself king. Renaming his kingdom Saudi Arabia in 1932, Ibn Saud became one of the world's wealthiest men when his country's vast oil reserves were developed by the U.S.-controlled Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco).

This bronze 1/2 Ghirsh coin with attractive brown color was struck over 85 years ago at the Mecca Mint in one of the world's holiest cities. Each piece in NGC certified Very Choice Uncirculated 64 condition is among the finest coins from the reign of Saudi Arabia's founder and first king! Add the history and intrigue of Arabia to your collection while supplies last.