1921 India Silver Rupee George V AU50


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As World War I drew to a close, the world economy and social order was in upheaval. Silver was hoarded, and for a time its price rose so that silver dollars had higher bullion than face value. The United States was rich in silver, and to the benefit of western silver miners, passed a law to melt silver dollars into bullion, sell the bullion to our allies, and buy new silver for our own coinage. U.S. ally Great Britain was struggling both with the European conflict, and with maintaining its huge empire. So, in 1918 the United States sold them 200 million fine ounces of silver for the British government in India. All the silver came from melted silver dollars!

This 1921 Rupee may well have been struck from melted-down Morgan dollars! Plus, it's in beautiful Uncirculated condition with some nice original toning. 1921 was the second lowest mintage of the series. Own an Uncirculated 1921 India Silver Rupee – but don't wait to order!