1914-1917 Finland Silver 50 Penniä


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For over a century from 1809 to 1917, Finland was a Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire – issuing coins with the Romanov crown above an imperial double eagle holding a scepter and orb. Then came the Russian Revolution in 1917, when Russia’s last tzar, Nicholas II, abdicated, and was later executed with his family. After more than three centuries, the oppressive Romanov dynasty had come to an end, and Finland declared freedom from Russia. Recall those historic events with these Finland 50 Penniä pieces, struck in 75% fine silver. The 1914-1917 coins bear a crowned Russian imperial eagle with Finland’s coat of arms at the center. With the Romanov dynasty over, the imperial eagle was removed from all Finnish coins. The “crowned” 50 Pennias were never struck again. In exceptionally nice condition. But supplies are limited – order these coins today!