1912-1916 Austro-Hungarian Empire Silver Set


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These silver coins were minted over a century ago underAustria and Hungary’s longest-reigning ruler, who sought peace for much of his 68-year reign – but ultimately sparked the flames of World War I.

When his nephew and heir Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I issued Serbia an ultimatum and declared war when it was rejected. Allies joined in, triggering a global conflict involving over 100 nations. He died two years before the war ended, and his defeated empire was dissolved in 1918.

This historic set gives you two silver coins issued under Franz Joseph, each bearing his image on the obverse. The Austria 1 Corona’s reverse shows a crown with sprays flanking, while the Hungary 1 Korona shows the Crown of St. Stephen and a wreath. Perfect for history bu s and silver enthusiasts alike!