1911-1920 Great Britain Silver 3 Pence


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Despite being Queen Victoria’s grandson, George V didn’t expect to inherit the British throne. But everything changed when his elder brother, Prince Albert Victor, died of pneumonia in 1892. George succeeded his father, King Edward II, in 1910 and was crowned the following year.

He led his nation through turbulent times. Just three years into his reign, World War I ignited across Europe. By the war’s end, George had changed his family’s surname to Windsor. The British Empire had grown. And both the Russian and German Empires – led by his first cousins Tsar Nicholas II and Kaiser Wilhelm II – had ceased to exist.

Now you can own silver coinage from this popular monarch’s first decade of rule. Each century-old silver 3 Pence coin depicts George V on the obverse. The reverse displays a large 3 beneath a royal crown. Offered here in affordable Circulated condition, it’s a great way to add a coin from the first ruler in the Windsor dynasty to your collection!