1895-1967 British Large Penny Set (5 coins)


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Add the intrigue of old British money to your collection with the last 5 large penny designs before decimal coinage debuted in 1971. Slightly larger than a U.S. half dollar, the coins feature the reigning monarch and a common Britannia reverse. Your set will include:

  • 1895-1901 Queen Victoria Penny – her long 1837-1901 reign was an era of peace, prosperity and expansion of the British Empire.
  • 1902-1910 King Edward VII Penny – the eldest son of Queen Victoria, he maintained strong relations with other European countries and modernized the British Navy.
  • 1911-1936 King George V Penny – the son of Edward VII, his 1910-1936 reign included the First World War and saw the British Empire expand to its greatest extent.
  • 1937-1948 King George VI Penny – second son of George V, he reigned from 1936-1952 after his older brother Edward abdicated to marry an American divorcee.
  • 1953-1967 Queen Elizabeth II Penny – bearing the last large penny design, this coin depicting the current monarch marks the end of Britain's pre-decimal coinage.

Get this set including two coins over a century old!