1889 Victoria, India Copper 1/4 Anna


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In 1837, an 18-year-old girl named Victoria became Queen of England. She ruled for 63 years, until 1901, at the time the longest reign in British history. Under her guidance, the British Empire grew to encompass several countries including India. In 1876, the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli gave Victoria the title Empress of India. Though she ruled one quarter of the world's land and people, India was considered the chief jewel in Britain's imperial crown. This beautiful copper 1/4 Anna of India was struck during that era.

An "Anna" is worth 1/16 of a Rupee. In the days of British rule, servants were paid about ten Rupees a week. But these attractive coins dated 1889 were saved, and now, nearly 130 years later, they're still in Uncirculated condition. The youthful portrait of Victoria on the obverse captures her elaborately braided hair and her regal splendor. Considering their age and condition, these copper 1/4 Annas are very affordably priced. Order yours today!