1797 Great Britain Two-Pence Cartwheel


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The first Two Pence coin minted by the British government in 1797 was not very popular with the public. Each big copper coin weighed two ounces, and just 8 of them weighed a pound - too much for one pocket! In no time at all, the were nicknamed "cartwheels".

Because of their large size, spies loved Two Pence coins. During the Napoleonic Wars, they would cut cartwheels in half and hollow out their centers. When the halves were put back together, the spy had a secret compartment just the right size for smuggling messages!

Thanks to a recent fortunate purchase, you can now add these hefty Two Pence coins to your collection. Though over 215 years old, they're still in nice condition – which is unusual because most of these soft copper coins are marked and worn. Our supply is limited, so you'll want to order this Two Pence cartwheel while you can. The obverse features a portrait of King George III, while the reverse depicts Britannia – the female personification of Great Britain. Each reverse is also dated 1797, though the coins were struck for several years.