1789-1796 France 15 Sol Assignat Note


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Recall the tumult of the French Revolution more than 200 years ago with this 15 Sol Assignat Note!

  • Threatened with crushing debt and revolt in the countryside, the government seized church property. The National Assembly then auctioned the land with the requirement it be purchased in assignats, which had to be purchased with coins, or sols.
  • Note features the allegorical figures of France holding a tablet representing the "Declaration of the Rights of Man" and Justice which holds the scales.
  • Assignat engraver Nicolas-Marie Gatteaux also designed stamps, lottery tickets and playing cards.
  • Successful at first, the buy-back program eventually led to hyperinflation and the assignats were replaced with the franc.
  • Each assignat comes in a handsome holder with a detailed story card and certificate of authenticity.
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Affordably priced, an assignat makes a great addition to any collection!