1621-1746 Spanish Colonial Silver 1/2 Reales set with Treasure Chest

(3 coins)


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Struck at Spanish mints in Mexico, Central and South America, these genuine silver ó Reales circulated in the American colonies before a uniform currency standard was established. Called cobs, they were crudely minted, often with irregular shapes due to manually striking “chunks” of silver from a bar that were then hammer-struck between equally crude dies.

Some of the earliest Reales were melted in the Massachusetts Bay Colony to create local silver coinage. In Spain, they were melted to create silver jewelry and more refinely minted silver coins. This set of three silver coins that survived features a 1/2 Reale struck during the reign of King Philip IV from 1621-1665; one during King Charles II’s reign from 1665-1700, and one during King Philip V’s reign of 1700-1746.

Used to help finance the American Revolution, silver Reales were accepted as U.S. legal tender until 1857. These 1/2 Reales witnessed an important period of early American history. The set comes with a small wooden chest measuring 3 1/2" x 21/ 8" x 2 1/4". Order your silver set today!