WWII Operation Torch $10 Silver Certificate with Holder


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This World War II currency recalls Operation Torch – when Allied forces invaded northern Africa in November 1942 to confront Axis forces. The U.S. troops were issued “Yellow Seal” Silver Certificates which could be easily identified and declared worthless if large quantities fell into enemy hands. Featuring unique yellow Treasury seals, these emergency notes were used for the duration of the war in the Mediterranean area.

Thanks to a recent purchase opportunity, you can now own a historic $10 Yellow Seal Silver Certificate in your choice of nice About Uncirculated or detailed and original Choice Crisp Uncirculated grades. This highest-denomination Yellow Seal Silver Certificate comes in a FREE currency holder with an informative card that tells the story of Operation Torch and the emergency yellow seal notes. We seldom find notes in these grades, so don’t miss this opportunity to add a nice quality example of an important WWII note to your collection. We have just 24 available, so order quickly!