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If you recently purchased the $10 Yellow Seal Note featured as our President’s Pick, or if you are fascinated by WWII history, don’t miss out on this special anniversary offer. It’s been 75 years since Maynard Sundman returned from WWII and, with his wife Fannie, founded LCC. To celebrate the occasion, and thank you for your patronage, we’re excited to feature one of the most desirable modern U.S. paper money issues at a special limited-time savings!

North Africa’s hot desert sands and Rommel are recalled with these yellow seal 1935A $1 North Africa Silver Certificates. In November 1942, American forces landed in North Africa and began the long road to victory over Nazi Germany. With them were special wartime emergency notes made for Operation Torch!

At the request of the U.S. War Department, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing issued Silver Certificates with yellow seals to pay American forces in Africa. The distinctive seal served as an economic defense measure by which the notes could be declared worthless if they fell into enemy hands.

Though the notes carry the 1935A series date, they were only issued for three short years – from 1942-1944. Difficult to find in quantity today, recently our buyers located a nice group of these sought-after notes. You’ll want to order right away – once these disappear into collections, they’ll be gone for good!