World War II Remembered Collection


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Celebrate America's "Greatest Generation" and the 70th anniversary of World War II's end, with this handsome 14-piece collection! You'll enjoy all of these historic issues:

  • 2 U.S. cents struck for the war effort – the 1943 steel cent, and a 1944-46 issue made from salvaged cartridge cases
  • 5 coins from Great Britain – 4 depict King George VI, who refused to leave Buckingham Palace during the bombing blitz of London. The 5th is a Crown featuring wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
  • 1 Lira – struck by Italy in 1940, the year the country declared war on Great Britain
  • Japanese Invasion Note – 10 Rupee note issued by Japan for use in occupied Burma
  • 5 postage stamps – 1 printed by Great Britain using ink-saving techniques, 2 American stamps paying tribute to countries that had been seized, and 2 stamps released for the liberation of the Channel Islands

The 14-piece set is encapsulated and displayed in an illustrated custom folder with important information about the issues in the collection, as well as a timeline highlighting significant events of the war. Order this historic collection today!