World War II Coin & Stamp Set


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Few collectibles can match the historical interest and significance of U.S. coins and stamps specially issued during WWII. This exclusive 20-piece set in a custom display folder contains Lincoln cents that saved copper for the war effort, Jefferson nickels that saved nickel for military equipment and U.S. stamps that promoted patriotism and postwar international unity.

  • Steel Cent Set and Shell Casing Cent – you'll receive a complete 3-coin set of 1943 "steel cents" – struck for one year only at the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mints to save copper for war materials. Plus, you'll get a "shell casing" cent, struck from 1944-1946 using recycled cartridge cases.
  • Complete 11-Coin Wartime Nickel Set – you'll enjoy a complete 11-coin set of "silver wartime nickels" – struck in a 35% silver alloy from 1944-1946 to save nickel for armaments. These coins feature extra-large Philadelphia "P," Denver "D" and San Francisco "S" mint marks above Monticello on the reverse.
  • 5 historic Mint WWII U.S. Stamps – the set also contains 5 WWII stamps preserved for over 70 years in Mint unused condition. You'll get a 1942 3¢ "Win The War" stamp, 1943 "Four Freedoms" and "Nations United For Victory" stamps, plus 1945 issues recalling the Coast Guard's role in WWII and the first United Nations organizational conference.

Issued over 70 years ago, these historic WWII coins and stamps are in great demand and growing scarcer. Add this prized 20-piece set to your collection in a fully-illustrated display folder and SAVE!