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You can collect over a century of U.S. nickels from 1902 to date easily, affordably and with No Obligation. You'll enjoy Liberty Head nickels from the dawn of the 20th century, 1913-1938 Buffalo nickels featuring the most uniquely American coin design, and 1938-date Jefferson nickels issued during WWII, the Cold War, the Space Race and turn of the 21st century. To begin your collection, you'll SAVE 55% on a 15-coin Westward Journey Nickel Set featuring Uncirculated P&D and exclusive colorized versions of all 5 Westward Journey designs!

Then, once a month, you'll receive a selection of U.S. nickels to examine before you buy.

  • As always, you purchase only the coins you want.
  • There's no obligation to purchase any selection, and you may cancel this service at any time.
  • You'll SAVE 55% on a trial shipment!

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    Membership eligibility is contingent upon approval.