Shipwreck Brown Bess Musket Balls and Flint Set


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Recall the intrigue of the high seas with genuine musket balls from the British East Indiaman Queen! This ship caught fire off the coast of Brazil in the early hours of July 9, 1800 – and though the crew tried to save her, it was to no avail. Later, both unburned and burned musket balls from Brown Bess muskets were found on board. These are the same type of muskets used by the British and colonists just two decades earlier during the American Revolution!

Now, you can own genuine ammunition recovered from the wreckage. Presented in a display stand, each set contains a flint and two musket balls – one burned, the other restored – recovered from the shipwreck of the Queen. It comes with a detailed, multi-page certificate of authenticity that’s brimming with history. Order now to enjoy true pieces of sunken treasure!