Series 1934A WWII Emergency $10 Silver Certificate


Select a Grade: Gem Uncirculated 65

Customer Reviews

Before my father, Maynard, founded Littleton Coin Company with my mother, Fannie, he served our country in WWII. As a paper money collector myself, I’m pleased to offer you these exceptional quality Yellow Seal 1934A $10 North Africa Silver Certificates. This wartime currency recalls Operation Torch – when Allied forces invaded northern Africa in November 1942 to confront Axis forces. The U.S. troops were issued “Yellow Seal” Silver Certificates which could be easily identified and declared worthless if large quantities fell into enemy hands. Featuring unique yellow Treasury seals, these emergency notes were used for the duration of the war in the Mediterranean area where my father served with General Mark Clark’s 5th Army.

Though the notes carry the 1934A series date, they were only issued three short years – from 1942-1944. Each Choice and Gem Uncirculated note offered here has been hand selected by our experts and is certified by PMG with the Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) designation. PMG has certified fewer than 500 of these notes in the grades offered here, and a mere 16 higher. These notes are very scarce in these grades, and our supply is extremely limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to add one of these historic, museum-quality WWII artifacts to your collection today!