Series 1934A WWII $5 Silver Certificate in Holder


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To celebrate the 75th anniversaries of Littleton Coin and the Allied victory in WWII, we offered the wartime $1 and $10 Yellow Seal Notes issued for the Operation Torch invasion of North Africa in recent catalogs. Now you can complete your collection with the $5 note – scarcest denomination in the short-lived series. You’ll enjoy 75th anniversary savings off the regular price, and your note will come in a FREE anniversary currency holder with a story card about the historic Yellow Seal currency. About 16.7 million $5 notes were issued – less than the $1 and $10 issues – and the $5 notes are the hardest to find today. Bearing distinctive yellow Treasury seals, these special Silver Certificates were issued to U.S. troops invading North Africa, and the easily recognized notes could be declared worthless if large quantities fell into enemy hands.

Though the Yellow Seal Notes bear the 1934A series date, they were issued only from 1942-1944. Get the scarcest $5 issue while supplies last!