Series 1928-1934 $5 Small-Size Note Type Set


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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president who led the nation through the challenging years of the Civil War, has long been depicted on U.S. $5 bills. Until the 1960s, several different types of $5 notes were issued and you'll enjoy three seldom-seen obsolete notes in this collector's set: the prized "red seal" $5 Legal Tender Note, the popular "blue seal" $5 Silver Certificate and the short-lived "brown seal" $5 Federal Reserve Bank Note. The scarcer Federal Reserve Bank Note is an emergency issue, and only 1% of these $5 bills are estimated to survive today.

Last issued over 60 years ago, each different $5 note comes from the first date in the series, and is still in Very Good condition. Only a fraction of the original issues remain today. Order