Morgan Silver Dollar All-Mint Set in Custom Holder


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Treat them to Morgan silver dollars from all five mints that struck them from 1878-1921! They'll enjoy issues from:

  • Philadelphia – the mother mint – which struck the first Morgans a full month before any other mint.
  • New Orleans – the Dixie mint – which operated under the U.S. government, the state of Louisiana & the Confederacy – all within 10 weeks.
  • Carson City – the Wild West mint – which struck just 2% of all Morgans.
  • San Francisco – nicknamed the Granite Lady for its classic architecture, it withstood the 1906 earthquake.
  • Denver – the final year of the series – 1921 – was the only year Morgan dollars were struck at Denver!

Though these genuine coins don't meet industry grading standards, they're an affordable way to own a complete all-mint set of historic Morgan dollars. The 5-coin set comes in a custom holder perfect for gift presentation.