Proof Coins & U.S. Mint Sets

They're the pride of the U.S. Mint – official Mint Sets of Uncirculated and Proof coins. Produced just for collectors, these annual coin sets present premium examples of the years' coins together in officially sealed packaging. They're an easy way to add superb specimens to your collection, and make perfect gifts for collectors of all ages and experience levels. Stock up today!

What are Proof Coins and Proof Sets?

When it comes to coinage, Proof coins truly represent the best of the best. The term "Proof" refers to a type of coin – not its grade or condition. The highest-quality U.S. coins come presented as official United States Mint Proof Sets. They contain special collector versions of coin denominations and designs issued by the U.S. Mint in any given year.

Unlike coins intended for use in commerce, Proofs are minted in limited quantities just for collectors. Proofs are produced using specially buffed and polished dies and coin blanks. Each blank is hand fed into a specially adapted coin press, then struck at least twice at slow speed and with extra pressure. As a result, Proof coins feature sharp, high-relief designs set against brilliant mirrorlike surfaces. They represent the finest examples of minting art.

When it comes to adding Proof coins to your collection, tracking down individual issues can be time consuming. Fortunately, United States Mint Proof Sets offer an easy alternative. Each year, the U.S. Mint issues a limited number of coin Proof sets with special Proof versions of each denomination and design. These official limited-edition Proof sets are prized by collectors, and highlights in any collection.

What Does "Mint Set" Mean?

Issued since 1947, official U.S. Mint Sets are similar to Proof Sets. But instead of containing Proof coins, they contain Uncirculated coins. The most common (and popular) Mint Sets feature one coin of each denomination from every mint that struck them for circulation. Coins in U.S. Mint Sets are typically from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. However, some years include special coins from the San Francisco or West Point Mints. Like Proof Sets, these uncirculated Mint Sets are issued in strictly limited quantities and packaged especially for collectors.

From 1965-2006, U.S. Mint Sets were issued in traditional Pliofilm packaging, with each mint's coins sonically sealed in protective pockets. When Presidential dollars debuted in 2007, new folder packaging was introduced that contains coin specifications and allows a clear view of the obverse, reverse and edge inscriptions.

Special Mint Sets

Because of a coin shortage during the mid-1960s, the U.S. Mint did not release traditional Mint Sets and Proof Sets" from 1965-1967. Instead, they released Special Mint Sets featuring extra-high-quality Uncirculated coins during those years.

Similarly to Proof coins, the coins in these Special Mint Sets were struck on specially polished blanks. And while they were produced at the San Francisco Mint, they do not feature its "S" mint mark. Packaging also differed from that of traditional Mint Sets. The 1965 set was issued in a soft plastic holder, while both the 1966 and 1967 sets featured hard plastic holders.