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Build a complete date and mint mark collection of beloved 1916-1945 Mercury dimes – the last U.S. dime series minted every year in 90% silver! These collector favorites were issued through two world wars, the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. Designed by renowned sculptor A.A. Weinman, Mercury dimes are often called America’s most beautiful small-size coins.

To begin your collection, you’ll SAVE 35% on the historic 1943 and 1944 Mercury dimes from World War II. Reply now and you’ll also get a FREE 99.9% pure silver round featuring the Mercury dime design.

Then once a month, you'll receive another selection of historic Mercury silver dimes for your 15-day NO-OBLIGATION examination in the comfort of your home.

  • You’ll feel confident with each purchase because you always see each and every coin before you buy.
  • As always, select only the coins you want!
  • No obligation to purchase any selection, and you may cancel this service at any time!

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