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Assemble a complete collection of Proof Lincoln Memorial cents easily, economically and NO-OBLIGATION... before it's too late! With new commemorative designs issued in 2009, the Memorial reverse cents of 1959-2008 will never be minted again - and these top-quality Proofs are in great demand among collectors. You'll receive these special-issue Proofs in convenient, affordable monthly shipments, and you'll see each coin before you buy. Act now and you'll SAVE OVER 65% on your trial shipment!

Once a month, you'll receive a selection of Lincoln Memorial Proof cents for a NO-OBLIGATION 15-day examination in your home.
  • You will feel confident with each purchase because you always see each and every coin before you buy.
  • As always, keep only the coins you want!
  • No obligation to purchase any selection, and you may cancel this service at any time!

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