Legends of the West Error Stamps

1 Sheet (20 stamps)


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Now you can be one of the collectors who owns a scarce error pane of the 1994 Legends of the West stamp sheet!

  • Among the larger-than-life personalities on the 20-stamp sheet are famed African-American rodeo cowboy Bill Picket, who came up with the feat known as steer wrestling
  • But, due to a design error, his brother Ben was depicted in the original stamp sheet's print run
  • USPS withdrew the error sheets and ran a mail-order lottery offering just 150,000 error sheets to cover the cost of printing correct sheets
  • In doing so, USPS created a modern rarity
  • Error sheet includes original USPS envelope
  • Scott #2870
  • 29¢ stamp sheet is in Mint Never Hinged (MNH) Post Office Fresh condition

Don't wait to order this error pane of Legends of the West – we don't expect our supplies to last!