Gold-Plated Copper $20 Gold Liberty Head Replica


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This shining replica of a 1870-CC U.S. coin is a perfect tribute to the 150th anniversary of the Carson City Mint! Following the discovery of the great Comstock Lode, a mint facility opened for business in Carson City, Nevada. The “CC” mint struck only silver and gold U.S. coins from 1870 until 1893, when it ceased production. Though it was a short-lived facility, this frontier mint produced many sought-after coins. Now, own this detailed tribute to a rare, low-mintage coin struck at the “CC” mint during its inaugural year! You’ll enjoy:

  • Gold $20 Liberty Head replica – this 1 oz. copper piece is plated in precious 22k gold. A mere 3,789 original pieces were minted. In 2009, an About Uncirculated example sold at auction for a record $414,000!

Each Brilliant Uncirculated replica features the word copy as required by the Hobby Protection Act. While an original coin is out of reach for most collectors, these replicas offer an affordable way to own an exciting first-year “CC” design.