Gold-Plated 1792 George Washington President Gold Eagle Replica in Display Case


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Here’s your opportunity to own a 24k gold- plated copper replica of the unique gold coin pattern reportedly carried as a “lucky pocket piece” by President George Washington! Struck during his presidency in 1792, the original was the first gold coin pattern produced for consideration after the Coinage Act of 1792 established the U.S. Mint and our monetary system.

Though our first president carried the piece for good luck, no actual coins were ever minted with this design. Washington opposed having his name or likeness on U.S. coins, believing it honored him too much and was too similar to European coins that pictured the reigning monarch. He favored the national symbols of Lady Liberty and the bald eagle that had equal significance to all Americans.

As the coin most closely associated with “the Father of our Country,” the original 1792 Washington gold pattern has been owned by a small select group of prominent collectors. It most recently sold at auction for $1.74 million in August 2018 – the first time offered in a public auction since 1890. Now, exclusively from Littleton, you can own a 24k gold-plated copper replica of this unique and celebrated American rarity as your own pocket piece – order today!