Endangered Species Silver-Plated Round with Folder - Black Rhinoceros


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Jump into an all-new exclusive series honoring endangered animals, with this silver-plated round featuring the Black Rhinoceros!

  • Struck in 1 oz. of 99.9% pure copper and layered in precious silver
  • Shows a Black Rhinoceros mother and calf in full color on the edge of an African pond
  • Common reverse design depicts a stylized map of the world surrounded by the legend endangered species collection
  • Critically endangered due to hunting and poaching for rhino horns considered symbols of wealth, Black Rhino numbers fell by 98% from 1960-1995. But thanks to conservation measures and anti-poaching efforts, the population of this ancient species has increased since then to over 5,000 animals today.
  • Comes presented in a beautiful full-color folder that displays both sides of the round, plus includes information about the Black Rhinoceros and a map showing the location of their habitat

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