Constantine The Great Challenge Coin


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Here's a colorful Challenge Coin for your collection, honoring Constantine the Great!

  • Ruling from A.D. 307-337, one of Constantine's most renowned achievements was his victory over Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge. After a surprising victory by Constantine's smaller army, he became sole ruler of the Western Roman Empire. He attributed his win to a religious vision just prior to the battle – leading the pagan emperor to embrace Christianity, allowing the religion to flourish
  • Littleton exclusive Challenge Coin issued to mark the 1,750th anniversary of his A.D. 272 birth
  • Obverse shows Constantine's bust in impressive detail, surrounded by a colorful mosaic-style background
  • The Chi-Rho – a monogram for Christ, and the symbol seen in Constantine's vision, is on the reverse
  • Comes in a clear acrylic capsule to protect its design

Perfect for history buffs and collectors of ancient coins – order today!