Complete Type Set of Small-Size $2 Notes


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Remember the last time you saw a $2 bill? If not, you’re not alone. This unusual denomination is hardly ever seen in circulation. But now, with this four-note set you’ll own an example of every major design featured on small-size $2 notes. Included are three $2 Legal Tender Notes with Thomas Jefferson on the face and Monticello on the back, and one $2 Federal Reserve Note with the Bicentennial reverse.

You’ll receive the very first small-size $2 note from Series 1928, the Series 1953 note with design changes to the denomination on the face, and the last $2 Legal Tender Note from Series 1963, with the motto in god we trust added to the back. All are in Fine/Very Fine condition and feature distinctive red seals and serial numbers. Plus, you’ll also receive the first $2 Federal Reserve Note from Series 1976. This special note in Choice Crisp Uncirculated condition features a green seal and serial numbers and The Signing of the Declaration of Independence. Whether you’re collecting by type or looking for something unusual, you won’t want to miss this distinctive type set.