World Wildlife Colorized Kennedy Half Dollars with Folder

(10 coins)


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Get the complete set of issues from Littleton’s exclusive World Wildlife series, which celebrates wildlife from around the globe. The 10-coin series features vivid, full-color images on the obverses of Kennedy half dollars. Each dramatic wildlife image is created by Littleton’s own artists using special domed technology that provides exceptionally detailed, uninterrupted designs.

  • Giant Panda – living in the forests of China, these distinctly colored bears eat for 10-16 hours per day. During this time, they can consume anywhere from 25-84 lbs of bamboo!
  • Toco Toucan – its large beak – which measures up to one third of the bird’s entire size – helps to regulate body temperature!
  • African Elephant – the largest land animal in the world weighs up to 7 tons and runs up to 40 MPH
  • Leopard – powerful nocturnal cats are skilled climbers who live from sub-Sahara Africa to China
  • Cassowary – the large, flightless bird from Australia that can run up to 31 miles per hour
  • Mandrill – the largest and most colorful species of monkeys, distinctive with their red and blue snouts that are accented by their yellow chests and darker colored bodies.
  • Orange Clownfish – thanks to their protective scales, Clownfish are one of the few species who can live among the stinging tentacles of sea anemones.
  • Leopard Seal – found in the frigid waters of the Antarctic and sub-antarctic, Leopard Seals are fierce predators that hunt smaller seals, fish, squid and penguins.
  • Markhor &ndash on the endangered list, the Markhor is known for its corkscrew-like horns.
  • Nile Crocodile – an impressive predator, the croc can take down a hippo!

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