Colorized $2 Federal Reserve Note Greek Heroes & Monsters Set


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Famed heroes of Ancient Greek mythology – and the monsters they battled – come to life on this new series of colorized $2 Federal Reserve Notes! This final note in the series honors the mighty Perseus – son of Zeus and one of Greek mythology’s few heroes to make it to old age.

As the most famous (and only mortal) Gorgon, Medusa’s hair was crafted from living snakes, and her gaze would turn any living creature to stone. Using his shield to avoid looking directly at her, Perseus heroically slayed Medusa. That incredible feat is illustrated to the right of Perseus’ portrait on the face of this $2 note, which has been enhanced by Littleton’s artists. Complete your collection now with this final note in the series! You can also get the earlier notes, including the first-in-the-series note that comes with a FREE custom illustrated holder with spaces for all 4 notes in this exclusive series. SAVE when you get the complete 4-note collection, including the custom holder!