Colorized $2 Federal Reserve Note Great American Landscapes Set


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Be enthralled by the majestic Channel Islands off southern California’s Santa Barbara coast. Discover bright, native poppies and distinctive brown pelicans that share their habitat on this beautifully illustrated $2 Federal Reserve Note colorized by Littleton’s artists. It’s the final issue in our exclusive 9-note series.

You can get the earlier issues showing the deep blue of Crater Lake, the Giant Redwoods, the serene Everglades, the red buttes of Monument Valley, the dramatic Oregon coast, the wilderness of Yellowstone, the rugged oceanfront of Maine, or the first-in-series note depicting cool Alaskan glaciers – with the custom illustrated folder that holds all 9 notes in this exclusive series! You can get the complete 9-note set with the FREE folder and SAVE off individual note prices.