California Gold Rush 175th Anniversary Gold-Plated Challenge Coin


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Here is the perfect addition for any collector who enjoys the rich history of the California gold rush! In 1848, gold was discovered in California – sending hordes of 49ers west in the hopes of “striking it rich”! This 24k gold-plated challenge coin displays a miner triumphantly holding up a nugget of gold. The dual dates 1848-2023 celebrate the 175th Anniversary on the obverse. The reverse features a majestic river with a mountain towering in the background, honoring the landscape where the gold rush thrived.

Legend holds that Samuel Brannan paraded through Sacramento, waving a bottle of gold dust and shouting “GOLD! GOLD! GOLD IN THE AMERICAN RIVER” – a quote that surrounds the reverse design. This special anniversary collectible is only available from Littleton, so order now for yourself or a friend!