c. A.D. 150 Elymais Orodes III Bronze Drachm


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Add prestige to your collection with this well-preserved Bronze Drachm struck by hand over 1800 years ago. Featured on the obverse, Orodes III ruled the vassal kingdom of Elymais, part of the Parthian Empire that was allowed to mint its own currency. Elymais coins have been found as far away as Volga, the Caucasus and in Chinese Turkestan – proof of the tiny kingdom’s Silk Road location at the base of the Zagros Mountains. But with a short reign marked by cruelty, Orodes III only governed for two years. Either at a banquet or while on a hunt, the son of Phraates IV was, like his father before him, assassinated. Sought after by collectors, these Bronze Drachms are in an affordable condition with strong details and well centered designs. Don’t wait to place your order!