Boston Tea Party Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin


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The 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party is honored with this Challenge Coin, available exclusively from Littleton.

  • Memorable coin tells the story of what took place on December 16, 1773
  • Colonists disguised themselves and boarded three ships carrying goods from Great Britain
  • Enraged by the taxation without representation the king was placing on the colonies, the colonists hurled 342 tea chests into the Boston Harbor as an act of rebellion
  • Obverse depicts British tea chests floating in the ocean with the words boston tea party and december 16, 1773
  • Reverse shows ships in the Boston Harbor with tea chests floating amongst them
  • A quote from John Adams praising the patriots who rebelled against the Motherland surrounds the designs

This makes a great gift for any history buff or a patriotic addition to your own collection!