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Paper money collecting is more popular than ever! But you won't have to worry about finding that desired note on your own – Littleton searches for you and lets you preview century-old Silver Certificates and Crisp Uncirculated modern-day notes in your home with No Obligation for up to 15 days. We can even tailor your selections to meet your needs. Sign up today!

Once a month, you'll receive a selection of American Paper Money for a No-Obligation 15-day examination in your home. You'll also enjoy a free gift with your first selection: a Crisp Uncirculated $2 Federal Reserve Note – seldom seen in daily transactions and features the popular vignette The Declaration of Independence.

  • You will feel confident with each purchase because you always see each and every note before you buy.
  • As always, keep only the notes you want!
  • No obligation to purchase any selection, and you may cancel this service at any time.

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Membership eligibility is contingent upon approval.