A.D. 244-249 Philip I Silver Antoninianus Roma Aeternae

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Highlight your collection with this attractive silver Antoninianus hand struck from A.D. 244-249 during the reign of Philip I – who came to power after rousing the Roman army against Emperor Gordian III (and perhaps causing his death).

  • Known as Philip the Arab because he was born in Syria, Philip I made peace with the troublesome Persians soon after becoming emperor
  • In A.D. 248, he threw a huge festival for the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of the city of Rome
  • Silver Antoninianus struck over 1,770 years ago
  • Obverse depicts Philip the Arab
  • Reverse features Roma seated on a throne holding "Victory" – issued to honor a victory and spread word of it to the masses
  • In Extra Fine Plus condition – displaying excellent surfaces, sharp details and nice centering

Add the intrigue and significance of Ancient Rome to your collection, with this handsome coin!